Another flip-key thread...

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Before I go to the locksmith and have this flip key cut I just want to verify that that's all that needs to be done for it to work. I have programmed the fob portion and it work just if I read the other threads on this topic correctly, all I have to do is get the key portion cut and we're golden right?

Thanks in advance! :lol:
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i just bought the same key. i got it cut and got the immobilizer working, however the keyless entry does not work. anyone have any ideas?
scratch that. figured it out.
i had mine cut for ~$5 at a local locksmith. the actual key part wiggles a little bit and feels a little flimsy but it hasnt broken or gotten any worse in the months that ive had it. it also has a slightly shorter range then the stock key, but other then that it works great.
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