Another flip-key thread...

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Before I go to the locksmith and have this flip key cut I just want to verify that that's all that needs to be done for it to work. I have programmed the fob portion and it work just if I read the other threads on this topic correctly, all I have to do is get the key portion cut and we're golden right?

Thanks in advance! :lol:
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I just traded my 6 for a 2012 Fusion Sport and bought the flip key from the eBay link above. The immobilizer/PATS is working, per the process in the owners manual, but not the remote buttons. What did you do to get the keyless and trunk buttons working?

[EDIT] - It looks like the VW flip-key is not a true IKT. Each portion must be programmed separately. Credit goes to monk72 on and Google. :)

Step 1 - Program the PATS system using the process in the owner's manual.

Step 2 - Program the remote buttons using the "old"/non-IKT process, as shown below.

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I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work on a Canadian vehicle. The components (PATS and keyless receiver) should be the same. Give it a try and let us know!
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