another accident

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My wife was rear ended yestarday by a tahoe. Then she hit the woman in front of her. The tahoe was really smashed up. The Fusion held up really well. It just screwed up the bumper and dented the trunk. People said he was going between 40 and 50 mph when he hit her. The front bumper is screwed up around the license plate bracket. Its kinda like the bracket tried to push through the bumper. I get a new car and have bad luck. First new car I buy too. She was slammed and if it wasn't for the seat belt she said she would have hit the wheel. Everything in the car was thrown forward. I haven't driven it yet but I hope its ok. It doesn't even have 3000 miles on it yet. I guess this fixes my front license plate bracket problem. I'm very pleased on how it held up. Ford did a good job. That Tahoe was really bad. Twisted up that big steel bumper and smashed his grille into pieces. Don't know about the body. Well I'll keep you guys posted. My wife was in the emergency room for like 3 hrs and she better be ok or he'll definitely hear from us.
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Sorry to hear about that .....

BTW. did the airbags deploy?
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