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Discussion Starter · #1 · is pleased to announce the creation and launch of two new features for its users.

The first is, as you all may have noticed over the past few days, an events Calendar. This Calendar will gradually be filled with Meet information, contest/raffle end dates, Mazda event information, and things like that. Should you want something added to it, simply notify a moderator - any thread on the forum can be inputted into the calendar.

The second is something requested by one of our members. This is the ability to get more gallery space. In compliance with his request, we've added the ability to add space in 5MB blocked (5 Megabytes), in addition to the one free meg we currently provide. This will be offered through our new FMVpremium page ( ) for the low cost of $15 per YEAR ($1.25/mo average, yearly contracts only). This space can be used on, and, and any future sites we may or may not launch.

This launch of the first FMVpremium service brings into light a site that has been active in a small but growing capacity for some time: . This is our portal site, tying our 3 current active forums, and any future forums or sites, together. Currently the only times you see this address are for our legal information, FMVpremium, or soon, our raffle page used to keep track of current and past raffles.

Thankyou for being loyal members of and best of wishes to you all!


Daniel R Hamad
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