AMP Installation on 2019 - need guidance

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I'm going to install a sub/amp/LCi2 I have laying around in my 2019 SE. Can someone help me with the following:

  1. Where do I run the wire through from the engine bay, or do I need to drill a hole? If I need to drill a hole, where?
  2. What fuse do I tap into, in the cabin fuse box, for signal to turn the amp on?
  3. Which wires do I tap into for signal on the rear speakers? What colors and where should I find them?

Please to tackle this on Sunday. Thanks!
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Ok, so I figured out you can run the power wire down the drivers fender and there is a grommet below the OEM loom for the speaker wires/power door/window wire harness. Run the power wire through that grommet and snake it down by the hood latch release.

I also looked and I have no speakers in my rear deck - they are in the rear doors. So, I can grab signal from those. What color are the wires I need to tap into and which is + and which is "-"?
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