I'm looking for an after market air intake for my 2006 Fusion 2.3 S.

Air Intake

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Thanks :p
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IT will be, You also HAve to remember That ford is using it in nascar, And that One of the many reasons they came out with it was to hopefully Take some of the market away from import tuners. ITs marketed as a midsize family sedan to Stop it from turning into a fleet car(RENTALS, OFFICE VEHICLES, ETC...) and loosing its resale value.

It's just a matter of time.
That's Cause the Tauras Was UGLY
The Fusion is a work of art :)

there using the image of the fusion, Sorry. To spruce up the Want and need for the car.  Look at the shear demand generated by the internet as it stands now. This site exists, and with more to come It's been less than a year and People like us Like Other members of this forum, Are already starting to mod there fusions these will be the mods of tommorow, when someone says Wow it would be cool if I could find a turbo for my 06 Fusion they'll probably find that mod in production because years earlier, Someone here had already said that, That's how the market gets flodded with Aftermarket Parts, The forerunners, The Idealistics, who saw the car And knew before it hit production, that's what I want.... Begin Creating...  You can't just sit back and wait for Big name aftermarket companies to come out with what you want.  sometimes you have to create your own wave, and hope it catches on, And That's what I see from the people of this forum, and others like it. and this may be my personall opinion but I think you're really selling those people short. By Using a generalized statement, by simply saying the demand isnt there and hense no aftermarket. with nothing to back that statement up.
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