I'm looking for an after market air intake for my 2006 Fusion 2.3 S.

Air Intake

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Thanks :p
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"Ford is using it in NASCAR." Does that mean we will be getting 800 hp V8's for our cars too? What cos stated is true. This is a mid-size family sedan so the market will not be in high demand for go fast goodies. After all, this is replacing the Ford Taurus. After how many years that car was in production you are hard pressed to find anything to spruce them up. These are family sedans and thats all they are.
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Someone should give the focus CAI's a try. I think it would work. Looking at some pictures of the Focus' engine bay makes me think that a cold air intake would fit on our cars as well. Search E-bay for an intake and splurge on one. Try to fit it on and then get back to us. If it doesnt fit, sell it on ebay again and get your money back. I will be doing this as soon as the funds are in place because I am X-calin' mine at the same time. So basically, try a 2.3 Focus intake, it might work.
Confusion, is the vacuum tube you are talking about on the 2.3? If so, I will get back to you. I have a friend that is an Engineer for Ford and he worked on the Fusion a little bit. I will see if he answers my calls.
Hmm, good point. I will look there. Thanks man!
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