I'm looking for an after market air intake for my 2006 Fusion 2.3 S.

Air Intake

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Thanks :p
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Hold on there buddy! That may be an expensive mistake, To date I've made 6 different configurations of a CAI for my I4 manual with the latest running for 4 days now. The issue with the Focus intake is #1, the Focus is a throttle cable type where the Fusion is a throttle by wire (electronic) type. Better explained, If you look at the rubber base of the intake system there are two lines being used, the large one on the side is connected to the PVC system, the other on top runs into a check valve and then into the base of the throttle body. Ask me what it's for and I couldn't tell you other than it helps modulate the idle quality, without it check engine lights fly. This small vacume line does not exist on the Focus and the fitting not available on a Focus CAI. But !!! If you are handy with tools the best designed Focus CAI is built by Cosworth, Their design incorporates Air Trumpets in the MAF housing to maintain air velocity, as I've found out the Fusion MAF sensor is so mambe-pambe that any change freeks the ECU out. But Cosworths intake would make a good starting point, you would just need to drill a 1/4 inch" hole, fit a rubber grommet and a stem about 10 inches away from the throttle base.
As I said earlier, with 6 different configurations most supporting limited success 2 have provided no problems and good increases for HP and torque. Shorter version are effected by the intake pulse from the throttle body and idle quality goes to hell. The latest version is a long ram tube with a Air Trumpet fitted in the entrance of the MAF housing and the filter is sealed in the front left fascia under a block off plate to keep engine heat away and is fed by air through a lower driving light area.

Now for the V-6 owners, a basic system can be made for yours and rather simply too. Looking at Swoops SEL over the weekend the biggest draw back is the location of the battery. It required the Ford engineers to make an off-set in the rubber section of the base to clear, so a complete CAI can not be done easily but could be done creatively. In the interim , smooth pipe can be used from the rubber base out and routed anyway you like. You just need to have the correct adaptor for the flat MAF sensor.

My biggest question is "what does the vacume tube on the top of the rubber base to the check valve do"?? If it is not required I have a really slick CAI that will make nearly double the HP that my current one makes. Help !!!!
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Confusion, is the vacuum tube you are talking about on the 2.3?  If so, I will get back to you.  I have a friend that is an Engineer for Ford and he worked on the Fusion a little bit.  I will see if he answers my calls.

FusionPower06, Yes I'm sorry I didn't specify, it is the 2.3 that I'm asking about, As supplied on the picture from (ceiph) the one with the small elbow and the check valve located behind the accordian rubber part of the intake section.

As for ceiph's question, the Focus 2.3 is more comparable than the Mazda 6 version. Although both are 2.3 Duratec's there are differnces unique to Mazda, The MAF sensor located just behind the filter box is a sealed Bomb site type,and ECU. Ford uses a flat module that can be replaced in parts. The Mazda still uses throttle by cable, not electronic like Ford, you also don't see and Helmholtz type silencers on the Mazda intake, to help give the Mazda a sportier sound during acceleration. As for the engine cover, Mazda mounts their alternator on the front of the engine in cool air, The Ford brainiacs decided to place theirs in the rear and use that rediculous cooling tube to keep it from overheating. There is surely room for improvement on the Fords engine appearance but I don't think the company cares about a pleasing looking engine.
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