air dam underneath your Fusion...

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Has anyone else wondered why the air dam underneath at the front of the Fusion has a semi-circle cut out of it (it's off center towards the driver side).  I noticed it last night when I was relaxing in the garage, looking out at the car on the driveway.  I thought I had cracked it, but upon further review I noticed that it is molded like that, and subsequently have seen other Fusions with the same odd hole?

I imagine it is functional?  any idea what its purpose is?  :?
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Just looked at mine and cant think why it's there. No way to jack up the front of the car becuase of the dust covers. Does anybody make something like a styling lip spoiler to cover that up.
Thats the Possum extractor! Optional on some vehicles comes standard on the FUSION! Actually keeps those pesky Possums from sticking underneath your car at hiway speeds!! :chuckles:
old thread - but I figured I'd bump it to see if there were any real, genuine, definitive answers as to why this part does have a semi-circle cut out? Does that cut out serve any purpose or function w/ regards to air being passed under the vehicle or up through the engine bay?

I know on alot of vehicles w/ these deflectors, it's primary use is to deflect air up into the engine bay or towards the radiator to aid in cooling while the vehicle is in motion. Based on many I have seen, none of them have this type of cut out, and that pertains to other Fords as well...

Ford Engineers: Their jokes aren't like our jokes.......
I often wondered that myself, I figured that atleast one of the Fusion's engine options would have the oil filter there so you can just easily access it but I haven't seen one yet. That skid plate is on the MAzda 6 ofcourse but it's also on the Mazda 3 just slightly offcenter from filter and it pissess me off. :x
I haven't checked the alignment of the hoses and holes yet, but it may be where the coolant overflow will drip down to ground level.
My 10 Fusion does not have this. Got a pic?

I was under my Milan yesterday and this deflector has the same cutout as seen on the Fusions. Looking all over at that specific area, there is nothing under the vehicle at all that would require this cutout to be of any use at all. There are no hoses, no drainage areas for the engine, no suspension parts, no radiator pieces, etc. that would require the deflector to be cut as such.

If anyone else has any inside info as to why this piece was designed as such, post it up. Other than my observations, the cutout is useless.
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