AHH!!! What's Up With that?!?! :(

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So... There I Was... @ 2am.. Driving down the long and lonely 405North...
Lonely, really...
So I figured... "Hey, there is no one around for miles..."
So next thing you know.. I'm trying to see @ what speed the fusion will top at...

...Anyone tried the same yet? Well, I was HELLA Disappointed....
the fusion topped at 110mph.... There is a freaking SPEED BLOCKERon 110mph @ 4500rpm !!!!!!!

All I know is, they better come up with a performance chip that unlocks that damn blocker... Otherwise is a pure waste of my 3.0 V6 6-speed automatic engine/transmission!!!

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it either was 110 or 115... could really get a good focused look at the speedometer at at speed like that... but i'll try and take a picture ... deal?
And yes, parhaps street cars are not meant to go in triple digit speed... never the less.. if they are not.. then its completely pointless having a 6 speed transmission with such an engine as 3.0 v6... my opinion... :violinbash:
Nicely said hitman, .... stating that it's awefully fast for public roads.. and yet curious enough to find out on your own.. hehe...
Young, Mid aged , or old.. it doesn't matter.... everyone loes a lil blood rush of high speeds..
Traffic... yes.. that like a big zit on my forehead.... 405.. 101.. 5... 110... 10... 90... << for all the non south californin people... this freeways are your worst night mare
WOW!!..hahaha... boy this post is OLD! :))~

well I agree to the whole speed theory... about 2 year ago.. I was unfortunate enough to drive from frenso, ca to los angeles,ca... left fresno at 2am for the drive... the drive is about 3 - 3.5 hours...

when I was driving about 73mph... I've started to fall asleep.. like badly.. to the point where i had to yell at myself to keep myself awake.. but even that eventually stopped working.... so I figured I'de speed a lil to parha[s increase an adreniline rush or something... and you know what? It worked.... all the way home, I was driving at about 100 - 105 mph and never had the sence of falling asleep... not even once.

(surprisengly enough, I didnt get pulled over.. which accured to me only once i got home...)

and yes,,, European cars RULE!!! and who gives a damn about some cup holders.....
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especially I-5, that road is so straight it would be dangerous to drive below 110mph!

they should get rid of the speed limit on I-5

Hhaha... why not.. make it an auto-bahn... I wouldn't mind even though I swore that I'de never take another trip that direction!!!
... indeed so.... boy do i miss the autobahns in germany.... my dad any i had such good times driving around there... ofcourse back then my dad was the one to drive...
[quote author=Nr9 link=topic=37205.msg691014#msg691014 date=1146416841]
ttt for american autobahn

need to make a petition or somethign

Hahah... well shoot, you got my vote!

btw .... just to prove the argument about speeds:
Our MVFR (Motor Vehicle Fatality Rate) is 45.8% higher than Germany even though Germany has no speed limits on their Autobahns, 70% of their drivers drink alcohol and drive, and they consume 55% more alcohol per capita.
.... which is indeed true.
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This thread is a waste of bandwidth and space.

Are you guys SERIOUS?!?!
let it Go!.... the convo started off with saying that a lil adreniline rush wakes people up thats all... END OF CONVERSATION!!...

Making my thread look bad, Shame on all of you!!! LOL.
[quote author=MZ6ZoomZoom link=topic=37205.msg702785#msg702785 date=1146802535]
Um, very few states have laws THAT liberal. Most states have 25-35 mph over maximums for arrest.

In California.... here you can go 75mph on the freeway and still manage to get pulled over.... my dad got pulled over that way....
ohh my bad... well in that case... i was pulled over for going 110 during traffic on the 405 because I was being late (matter of life and death.. to certain degree), + i had a passanger.... and all i got was a ticket THAT I got away with... having all the charges dropped....

although I'm fully aware of the fact that if I didnt get away with it, I'de have my license suspended for a year (or more) + $1600 ticket... + could have been charges with attempt to murder by having that passanger in my car at suck speed.
fine.... but i didnt even get arrested.
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