AHH!!! What's Up With that?!?! :(

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So... There I Was... @ 2am.. Driving down the long and lonely 405North...
Lonely, really...
So I figured... "Hey, there is no one around for miles..."
So next thing you know.. I'm trying to see @ what speed the fusion will top at...

...Anyone tried the same yet? Well, I was HELLA Disappointed....
the fusion topped at 110mph.... There is a freaking SPEED BLOCKERon 110mph @ 4500rpm !!!!!!!

All I know is, they better come up with a performance chip that unlocks that damn blocker... Otherwise is a pure waste of my 3.0 V6 6-speed automatic engine/transmission!!!

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This is why the Autobahn has a lot of curves in it. The more you have to concentrate on driving, the safer you are. Americans tend to do everything BUT drive.
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