AHH!!! What's Up With that?!?! :(

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So... There I Was... @ 2am.. Driving down the long and lonely 405North...
Lonely, really...
So I figured... "Hey, there is no one around for miles..."
So next thing you know.. I'm trying to see @ what speed the fusion will top at...

...Anyone tried the same yet? Well, I was HELLA Disappointed....
the fusion topped at 110mph.... There is a freaking SPEED BLOCKERon 110mph @ 4500rpm !!!!!!!

All I know is, they better come up with a performance chip that unlocks that damn blocker... Otherwise is a pure waste of my 3.0 V6 6-speed automatic engine/transmission!!!

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What :shock:

Your logic is not serious right?
[quote author=Nr9 link=topic=37205.msg687684#msg687684 date=1146242381]
it is completely serious, if it is a long and straight road. since drowsiness has to do with most fatal crashes, speeding can actually be safer, just as long as you are in control.

The problem is that you are never in control.
You are never in control of everything. If you are, then I will bow down to you.

I am not trying to be a smart ass, but anything can happen, there is no such thing as a controlled environment on the open roadway. Your braking distance is more then doubled and your reaction time is much less at the speeds you mention. Have you ever had a tire go at 60 mph? If so imagine that at 110 mph. Have you ever hit an animal while driving? have you ever been cut off by somebody that is preoccupied on their phone? Do you take your foot off the accelerator and place it over (not on) the brake pedal when going through an intersection?

It might be me, but after seeing the end result of speed and careless driving for the last 12 years and driving emergency vehicles (along with the necessary training), I have gained a certain outlook of driving and its hazards.

And you're right, never stop on the shoulder of the road unless it is your only option. If you do, pull off as far as possible and try to angle your car a little bit with the rear towards the road.
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no i dont use cruise control. i drive an automatic and my left foot is on the brake pedal
Sweet technique.... Does that work well for approaching the turn into McDonald's @ 110 mph?  :lol:
Dude - I usually don't like to reveal someones identity online, but is this you?

Seriously, what world do you live in? Are you and the scare crow looking for the same thing?

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