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I don't know if many of you were here when I posted that I was having an engine compartment rattle. Well, the dealer already thinks I am crazy because everytime I took it in there, it WOULDN'T act up. Finally I made the comment that I was going to switch dealers if they couldn't find the problem, so they put the veteran engine/tranny guy on the case. And, guess what? they found the problem.

He found out that the part of my firewall where a lot of my lines were running through was rattling against the lines and the firewall, and it was insulated. The sound is now GONE. Supposedly there's a TSB out for it....or at least there is now.

So, if any of you guys are having a rattle that worsens when you back off on the throttle after pu**y-footing it, consider telling the tech to look around this area. You could also get the rattle if you are going about 50 and lightly put your foot on the gas.

Now, to ask another question to make this thread more worthwhile - is anyone having a seat squeak issue with their passenger or driver seat?
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