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I have been searching all over and have not found a definitely answer... so, here it goes.
My 2014 Mazda 3 has 50k miles, really happy with it. It a single problem, but my battery went bad a month ago. I replaced it and no issues. I live in SoCal and the AC is used all year around. I know it was working a few weeks before the pandemic started. But last week we had a heat wave and I needed to go out shopping. A big disappointment when I turned on my AC and it just got hot air.
I did the following checks:
1) while engine running, blower on high and AC max, I looked for the clutch at the compressor and noticed that it was not engaged.
2) after reading and watching a few videos online, I decided to apply 12v directly to the Compressor, I could hear the clutch engaging, so this eliminated the possibility of a bad coil. I could also rotate the clutch with my hands with no problems, so, it wasn’t binding.
3) I thought that maybe there was no Freon, but you can’t test it if the clutch is not engaging, so I saw a video where this guy shows you how to bypass the AC relay. (I did swap relays with another one just to be sure the relay was working). Also, the 7.5A fuse was good.
3) while bypassing the relay (apply 12v to the 87 port), I turned the engine on and the AC after that. The AC started working, got cold air within 5-10 seconds and I was able to check the pressure of the system, indicating that there was enough Freon.

So, now I am lost, I am thinking there must be something in the computer telling the AC not to work, maybe something got screwed up when I replaced the battery?

I think I read in this forum somebody suggesting that there is a climate chip. I am broke and I am unable to take it to the dealer.
Anybody has any suggestion besides taking it to the dealer? Is there a sequence of some sort to reset the computer?

Thanks in advance
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