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Status Update:

My partner and I are Fusion noobs; we had a long relationship with a 2001 Ford Focus ZTS; it ran for 422,000 miles. The ‘08 Fusion S we now own is a recovered stolen car, replete with a new ignition key/switch, working electrics, new 2.3 L Mazda-Ford engine, and the best part: a new 5-speed manual gearbox.

It’s red pearl metallic, tan interior, and we need help with a hood replacement; ditto for the dash cover that separated from the dash itself, due to hot defroster temperatures. We’re ready to learn, as we really love the car!

New tires, and the car ride is still supple. My partner and I are quasi-closeted Ford front drive freaks; with the tranny, oh yeah... Mazda-Ford has a very strange relationship, but Ford reliability improved since the pre-Vulcan days... owned a ‘96 Explorer, a 2000 Taurus, great-running cars/SUVs; but this Fusion, though wide-turning, it befits the the car with its manual gearbox. It’s tight, and with new rubber, it really drives nice.

I maintained and kept the old Ford Focus ZTS running strong, through timing chain replacement and head rebuild. We got that car in 2012, a Missouri car, with 151,000 miles. It lived until 2019; crankshaft key gave up the ghost, g’bye car...

We were lucky enough to locate our “new” ‘08 Fusion, for less than than $3 K USD... being older and on a fixed income, this was a find. Included with car:

New factory crate engine & transaxle. Installed by seller, a towing/recovery company owner; very, very crisp car! Wasn’t aware of it until we rooted around in the glovebox; original owners manual, new engine serial number form, car is just so...

Quiet. The air conditioning blows cold; when windows are rolled down, this is the only time you’ll hear the engine note definitively... alright, enough with the gushing...

We are here to learn. Like the glovebox, I’ll root around this car club to find appropriate information - and if I learn about something new, or share an old Ford memory - you’ll see that Mary & I are really digging this ‘08 Fusion. And we’re glad to contribute where we can.

Thanks for reading.
LW & Mary

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Hi LW and Mary. Welcome to the Ford Fusion Club. Sounds like you found yourself a nice Fusion!

Unfortunately, participation here has dropped off in the last couple of years, as you can see by the scarcity of recent activity. It is really a shame, since we had a great bunch of members. With that being said, you may also want to join over on the Ford Fusion Forum, located here: Ford Fusion Forum

Welcome again and good luck.
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