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2006 fusion
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The a/c sensor located within dash fails, Ford wants 6 hrs labor to remove dash to repair. Total rip off repair, especially it conveniently failed follow recall repair on passenger side airbag.
So the quick fix is to buy the sensor (about $30) from parts place. Ford wants almost $90.
Then you need a pigtail to connect to new sensor. The fix is behind the glove box. There are 2 wiring harnesses, blue and grey. On my 2006 it is the left or blue harness. Remove. On the blue harness top row, it is wire #3 and #4 from the left. I shaved the #3 and #4 wires bare about 1/2" then took the 2 wires from the new pigtail and soldered one to #3 (yellow with stripe) and other to #4 (purple). I strapped the new pigtail and sensor to secure.
Plug blue harness back in. Ahhhh air con!!
The reason I use the sensor vs the resistor that others use and works well also, is if necessary I can just disconnect sensor from pigtail. Any questions, please ask
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Hi Don. Thanks for the information and photos! It will hopefully help others in teh future.

Good luck.

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Thanks, Don
I hope I never need the information, glad to have this post to fall back on.
If you were here in the US you could make a ton of money opening a shop.
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