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Ford shows off 76 mpg Fiesta
Posted by Wayne Cunningham 32 comments

The Ford Fiesta Econetic gets 76 mpg with a diesel engine.

Working hard to improve fuel economy, Ford showed off one result of its efforts at the British International auto show this week. The Ford Fiesta Econetic uses a 1.6-liter turbo diesel engine that gives it a combined fuel economy, under the EU test cycle, of 76.3 mpg.

Along with the diesel engine, the Fiesta Econetic has other tricks up its wheel well to achieve this fuel economy. Ford made aerodynamic changes to the standard Fiesta, such as adding rear air deflectors, lowering the suspensions, and putting the car on low rolling resistance tires. The engine uses low friction oil and the driver gets a shift light, indicating when its time to upshift for optimal fuel economy. The Econetic also keeps carbon dioxide emissions low, at 98 grams per kilometer.

Along with the new Fiesta Econetic, Ford makes Econetic versions of the Focus and Mondeo in the U.K. Ford won't offer a diesel version of the Fiesta when it comes to the U.S. in 2010.
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