'73 T-Bird Custom!

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Now pull the trigger!
drop dead gorgeous.

i LOVE the marble work! Flow beautifully with the rest of the paint :shock:
That is SLICK!!!! That wheel and tire combo is unreal.
OK paint/exterior is off the chart but whats with the epic fail on the trunk, engine bay and interior? I know some are for original but that level of car is like going to bed with the most beutifull woman you have ever seen only to find out that once the clothes/girdle are off its all hanging sagging and cotage cheezed. There is a 63 bird at leads east that doesn't have that level of paint but still the car is a well rounded car and polished. the trunk liner looks like he cut up an old piece of carpet. 63 t-birds came with a full arguile trunk liner with spare tire cover. too bad bullet birds are not a big collectable.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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