6 Weeks

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I ordered my Fusion yesterday. I4 SEL Black exterior, Charcoal interior with Black leather. Can't wait!
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Congrats jarth. Couldn't find one you wanted on a lot? Ordering is such a pain - not to mention the wait!
I think the reason he had to order is that he wanted an SEL with the i4. My understanding is that the SEL comes only with the 3L V6... Maybe that is the reason?
If it comes only with the 3L, you couldn't get the I4 whether or not you ordered it ;)
SEL can be had with any of the powertrain combos. However, I think a loaded SEL with the 4 is something that will only get built if a customer requests it. I think dealers assume most SEL buyers will want the 6 and stock their lots accordingly.
I stand corrected! There is an i4 SEL and a V6 SEL ... I had never seen the i4 model (don't know how I missed it)... Thx Fututra
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