6 Disk mp3 changer problems 06 Milan

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I have the 6 disk mp3 changer and when we play CD's it will start to skip and then will quite playing. The screen will come up with the phone sign which should mean mute. It will also say phone volumn 10 and start flashing like crazy. This is a rebuilt auto that had no damage to the player at all. The CD's are new and not recorded. If anyone can help or have had a problem like this please advise.
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Sounds like the player may have had a good movement of internals. Remember the insides are precise pieces that need to all work together and a hard jarring is not always the best thing for them. You can either talk it to the dealer and have it replaced (not sure if a rebuild auto has a warranty or not) or check e-bay and just get a new factory stereo.

How bad was your car hit before it was rebuilt?
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