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Brand new Ascendant Poly mids. 6.5". Neo magnet. Capable of handling anywhere from 50w to upwards of 175w of clean, no clipping, signal. Very sturdy. VERY nice. I have these left over from a previous project. Shielded Neo magnets mean that these can be mounted just about anywhere... even right next to an LCD screen, without any warping of the picture!

Used Diamond Audio Silk domes. I don't know where I came accross these. They are pretty slick, but a little too bright for my tastes. If you want some monster sound up front to even out the lower freqs, then this is what you're looking for!

I'm looking for $50+ shipping for the AA poly mods.
And $50+ shipping for the tweeters.

Or you could build yourself a killer 2 way for $100!

Pictures - - -

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