3m clear braw

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Who uses a bra (particularly 3m clear) to protect their cars? I'm thinking of getting one particularly for travel to guard against snow plow trucks and bugs and rocks etc. what can I expect to pay?
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I do these but I don't deal with 3M due some ethics issues with the way they due business. I use Avery Stoneshield top coat. For me, I think it holds up better and it installs like a dream, making it look better. In the end, it doesn't matter what film/pattern you use unless it can be installed right. Quality installers are few and far between and these scum bags are ruining the market for everybody else. 3M and the pattern companies are rubber stamping installers to flood the market. I've seen cars cut up and just plain horrible installs from literally all the "certified installers" in my area. Prices vary greatly and you can't go by the highest or the lowest. Mine range from a complete with a 12in hood for $550 to $1400 for a full hood/fenders.

I have the entire front end of my car wrapped as well as the rocker panels. There was no pattern so everything was free handed. I posted some pictures on here somewhere. A year later I have absolutely zero chips. If you want, PM me and I'll give you some more info. and I can see if I can put you in touch with a good installer in your area.

If you want a site with a lot of info. here is my guy in Atlanta's- This guy is a guru and taught me everything I know.
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