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We know that if you run any car with Mustang wheels and center caps it will automatically try to mow down groups of people around malls. So instead of mayhem once I get done, I decided that printing my own center caps would help.

I am still working on modeling the Sport logo, so for now they will be plain, or have chrome domes with blue Ford oval (ordered some 56mm stickers).

Since they cost about .20 in filament each, I have just done a set in gray, but have some chrome silk that might look okay as well (but grey matches the silver car).

I also did some hub bore adapters. I have ran plenty of aftermarket wheels or OEM wheels with bigger hub bores that the vehicle, and not really had any issues once the wheels are installed. But the rings do make it easier to install them, and again, .05 in plastic makes it a no brainer.

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