2018 Ford Fusion Front Engine Splash Shield, Engine Under Cover

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I am looking to replace the entire Front Engine Splash Shield, Engine Under Cover
on my 2018 Ford Fusion. The right side of the under cover is sheered off due to hitting a speed hump. Where can I get a replacement?

Is this a simple bolt on job or is there a can of worms dealing with this repair?
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Since it needs removed for every oil change, and as long as none of the mounting points got ripped off or bent, should be an easy replacement. For my 2015 I did have to buy a full set of the red plastic thread parts and screws because the last place that changed the oil thought they needed to use 250 ft lbs on an impact to install them.
Is this splash shield even worth replacing?
I try to keep them around as long as possible, and tried replacing the one on my 2012 Fusion with an aftermarket one, but it was far inferior to the OEM one, and I gave up. I don't live where it rains often, and I have never had any water related issues on any cars long before they put splash shields under the engine.

The OEM one available for your car, and is easily obtainable. The one on my 2015 is a pressed fiber style and holding up okay to rain and snow and slush, but the one on my 2012 was supposed to be hard plastic, but the aftermarket one was bendy and it got destroyed within a week.
Is this splash shield even worth replacing?
Hi Kezug. Just to add to bangster's good information...and in descending order of cost: First...You can stop by/call the Parts Department of your local Ford Dealer to get a part number and price for the shield you need. Have your VIN handy, as that is how they cross reference the correct parts for your particular Fusion. However, keep in mind that parts pricing at your local Ford Dealer is negotiable, so do your best negotiating. I recommend face to face transactions, when possible. Once you have the part number and price, you can purchase form them or use the part number to shop for a better price online.

Next...There are many online Ford parts sellers that sell at a discount compared to the ~list/MSRP pricing which many/most local Ford Dealers sell their parts at.

Next..., you can call/check your local Salvage Yards for similar model year Fusions which still have an under-body splash shield (and some fasteners) in good condition. If you can obtain one there, it will save you some money over either of the above options.

And yes, the splash shield should be replaced.

Let us know how you make out and good luck.
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As bangster noted, you will have to also replace all those little red plastic clips that the screws go into to hold the skid plate up there. The plastic strips very easily from steel screws. Not a hard job to do, but can be a little irritating due to all the screws that go in there.
It's not really required though.
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