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Hello All,

My wife returned from the doctor's today and mentioned to me that she got a warning message in the car when she went to leave to check the rear parking aid. I didn't think anything of it assuming she accidently turned it off, but when I went out just now I am still getting that message and noticed that there is no way to "enable" the parking aids for the front or rear (the menu comes up with the bubbles, but you can't select anything). I went into the My System Information to check for errors and it shows the warning and when I try to enable it under Driver Assist both the front and rear parking aids are grayed out.

Is there a single module that controls both of these? I would assume if it was just a sensor out it wouldn't cripple the entire system. Looking for any feedback/advice on what to start checking before I bring it into the dealer.

Thanks & take care.
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