2014 AWD Ford Fusion with Sync 3
70,500 approx miles.

Sunroof, premium radio, Sirius, leather, heated seats, 2.0T, automatic.

well cared for, parked in a gated, covered lot, not abused or tuned and well taken care of.

It’s got a hitch for a bike rack. I believe 1.5” and there is a bike rack that comes with the car.

It has Pirilli P Zero tires, 19” all season

I can email more pictures.
Ford Sync 2 2013-2015 sucks. Slow, low ram, low resolution.
Ford Sync 3 (2016-2020) this is the most powerful (I believe quad core) highest resolution version. It uses an infortainment system designed by qnx, formerly blackberry. So it’s a good os and you can voice control most of the car.

The USB hub needs to be updated to support CarPlay and android auto, but it can with a new hub.