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From humble to handsome
by Luke Vandezande

As the brand’s flagship and design leader, the new 2014 Chevrolet Impala isn’t anything like past generations relegated to taxi duty and law enforcement.

With plenty of Impalas serving as fleet cars today, it may be a testament to their long term reliability, but no one wants to drive a taxi as their vehicle of choice.

Which is why GM plans to help lose the stereotype by selling last-gen models to fleets for another year while this handsome new car is destined for suburban driveways.

With its standard projector beam headlights, 18-inch wheels, sculpted body lines and hefty hips, it’s looks like the Camaro might have influenced this car’s styling.

Those wheels can be replaced with 19- or even 20-inch versions more suited to its large proportions. In fact, the 18-inch wheels are reserved for lower trim levels unavailable during Chevy’s initial rollout in April.

2014 Chevrolet Impala LTZ grille
Even if nothing else won points here, the new design certainly deserves some respect. Coming from being drab and ugly for decades, the new look positions this car to be as stylish, if not more so, than other large sedans – particularly the domestic competition.

The headlights are well proportioned to the grille and front fascia’s styling. A high beltline helps give the Impala a low-slung look while stylish creases accentuate its curves.

Plenty of chrome accents around the windows, grille and front fascia emphasize the body lines and the top trim LTZ models also have bumper-integrated exhaust ports borrowed from the Cadillac XTS.

A raked rear window helps hide the car’s size — something better noticed inside than out. In fact, the new car is actually longer than the 2013 model. It just wears it better.
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