2013 Edge or Escape?

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So its official... our 09 Escape is written off.

What opinions do you guys have on these 2 vehicles? whichever we choose, it'll likely be fully loaded. Either the Edge Sport or Escape Titanium. I really hated the Escape we had and the redesign looks really good. The eco boost engine looks interesting. However the Edge is a beast and looks like it would be awesome for road trips. Mom wants the Escape... Dad wants the Edge lol.

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Haha its for my mom and both my parents loyal to ford. We had a Jeep once and it was complete crap. Everything happened so quickly and I haven't gotten the chance to do any research. Another candidate in my mind is the Mazda CX5.
So interesting turn of events... parents picked up the Edge SEL with 2.0L Eco Boost. They got it fully loaded (i.e. with Nav etc). I'll post some pics when we pick it up on Wed lol
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