2013 Edge or Escape?

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So its official... our 09 Escape is written off.

What opinions do you guys have on these 2 vehicles? whichever we choose, it'll likely be fully loaded. Either the Edge Sport or Escape Titanium. I really hated the Escape we had and the redesign looks really good. The eco boost engine looks interesting. However the Edge is a beast and looks like it would be awesome for road trips. Mom wants the Escape... Dad wants the Edge lol.

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While nice, the Edge is getting rather long in the tooth. If it were up to me, I'd choose the new Escape. Any reason you're only thinking about Fords? So many great crossovers out there, a shame to limit yourself to one brand.
Not saying that it's not worthy of consideration, just wondering why you'd limit yourself due to brand loyalty.

I like the new Escape, but I don't really care for the appearance of it. Not that I buy cars based off of aesthetics, though. It's certainly going to be a huge step up on every level to the current POS they call an Escape.
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Fatabbot, you certainly didn't pick that Soul based on loyalty or looks. It was price :lol:


No argument here. :)
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