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Chevy’s mid-size misses the mark
by Mike Schlee

The 2013 Chevrolet Malibu is the tale of two cars. For everything Chevrolet seemed to get right with this vehicle, there is something that went wrong. Maybe this car subscribes to Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion (Wikipedia is your friend), or maybe the designers ran out of time preparing the 2013 model.

Either way, it’s a shame as there is so much potential in this new Malibu. Thankfully, Chevrolet is quickly addressing the Malibu’s short comings and expect a sooner-than-usual refresh to occur, similar to what Honda did with the 2013 Civic. Until then, here are our thoughts on the car you can buy today.

As it stands, the Malibu is not a bad vehicle. It is a decent mid-size entrant, but in this hotly contested segment, decent no longer cuts it. The Malibu has received its fair share of criticism since arriving earlier this year, and in certain trims, like the Eco, it is warranted. But grasp a Malibu in the proper trim, like the LTZ 2.5L model featured here and not all is lost.
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