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122k miles, coolant changed (orange/dexcool) 16k ago.
If ambient temps are 105 (maybe 100), and I am driving around town aggressively, it will overheat. If I a not trying to be the first away from a stop light, if I don't have to bump up the speed a bit to merge, it seems to be fine, always mid line. It seemed that at 110~115 degree temps it took less WOT and it would overheat. The fans seem to work correctly, however I will say it sounds like a helicopter landing after I shut it off.

With it being well over 100 AC was on, once it starts overheating the AC stops blowing cold (I assume it turns off the compressor). I can turn on the heat and run the HVAC fan on high and bring down the temps (but cooling myself in the process).

I have no loss of coolant. I have no oil in coolant or coolant in water. I see no coolant on the ground from the weep hole path out of the front cover. I didn't have this issue last year with few extreme heat days, but I still drove it plenty in high temps and didn't have a problem.

I have replaced the under bumper panel and the under engine one, it had neither when I bought it, and started getting the bumper flapping with side winds. It overheated before and after those.
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