2012 Fusion SEL horrible dash clicking noise

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Love this 2012 Fusion SEL, but a horrible, intermittent clicking noise is coming from the center of the dash, forward of the storage compartment.

It's clearly noticeable on this video:

On the video it sounds electrical, but it only occurs with bumps in the road, and sounds like a fit problem involving that part of the dash containing the top storage compartment. Silicone lubricant spray on the compartment hinges might be working only very short term, so it's not a fix. I don't think the car's been in an accident or had the windshield replaced.

Are you experiencing this or know the fix? Thanks!
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Did you ever figure this out? Mine is currently having the same issue after having to have the dash taken apart for the evap temp sensor.
HVAC blend door motors when they go bad make a click noise. These are also a common failure. Try to isolate the noise.

BTW that video sounds more like some static through the speakers. Not sure if there is a noise cancelling system in these models but it could be acting up.

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