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2012 Fusion Sport AWD
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The EPA rating for your 2012 2.5 with automatic is 23 city, 32 highway, 26 combined. That 23 city is a 7.5 mile loop, 22 minutes, with an average of 20 mph, with 20 starts from a stop, 2 minutes at 55mph, mostly 0-30 mph starts and stops, driving at speed for around 45-60 seconds each.

Maybe you could get better by anticipating traffic better, slower accelerations from a start, making sure that the cars maintenance is all up to date (spark plugs, air filter, tire pressure).

I really have to drive 100% different than I usually do to even come close to getting the EPA rating around town in my car. Normally I average 16.1 (but I have the 3.5 V6, AWD, and drive like a maniac) when the EPA rating for around town in my car is 17 mpg, but I have a 2 mile stretch with 2 stop lights and 55 mph speeds, so that really boosts my average, but still pretty close to the EPA loop.
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