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Okay here are the symptoms. It ONLY happens in summer and when its hot... If I run it in winter, or early in the morning or at night, no issue.

1. When I first start driving the car from cold, the A/C might be cool, but the A/C at idle or stop starts to warms up , it smells like outside air mixing in. When I drive it cools down to cold. Sometimes it seems to not be as cool as initially, as I'm driving, ill turn the knob halfway to hot and back to cold and it will get colder again.

2. If I drive for a long while, the temp change at idle or stop stops happening and stays cold.

3. On hot days, sometimes the A/C will start off good then just turn totally hot. Some days there's no cold at all. If I shut the car off, turn the key to on, cycle the hot/cold knob slowly to hot and back to cold and start the car, it typically starts cold and after 1-2 minutes goes back to FULL HOT!

I've read many things, its been 2 years. Evap temp sensor, blend door actuator, outside temp sensor. Ford seemed to think its my control unit on the dash. Had A/C filled and system check for leaks, etc. by ford, Schrader valve replaced by Ford.

Looking for opinions and maybe answers. Paul T.
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