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AC/heater blower will not run on any settings, 2011 Ford Fusion SEL 3.0 liter.
First a little history. Had trouble in years past and able to fix by replacing blower resistor unit. After replacing the resistor unit 2 times I replaced the wiring harness and added a new very secure ground. Also replaced the fan. That seemed to help but still went through another resistor unit. Each time the resistor unit would work for about a year before breaking. Thank goodness I have lifetime warranty, as each time I get a new one free. After fixing the fourth time, my wife never puts the blower on full high. That worked for about 2 years.. Now broken again.
This time I am stumped as to how fix.
Removed fan and used jumpers to test against the battery. Only momentary, but fan did run when 12v applied.
Next I checked voltages at the resistor pig tail. Got 12V between A and C. Also got various mv readings between A and B depending upon fan speed settings on console.
Looking at the new resistor unit, I can read various ohm readings between all terminals.
So.. Everything seems to check out.. But fan does not run.
Does anyone have the correct ohm reading for the resistor unit? Although it is new, it may be bad.
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