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And the winner is.....Mustang!

The galloping-away winner this time out is the Ford Mustang GT. It's simply the one pony car most of us covet, and it's the one that hews closest to the original concept of a lightweight (they weren't called draft-horse cars, after all), nimble body and chassis choc-full-o' V-8 muscle. You can see out of it, you get a nice view of the hood and the driving line you're trying to trace, and the engine sounds better than the radio.

The lengthy and impassioned argument over which car would finish second is what really ran up the post-dinner bar tab. The proletarian staffers found the Challenger SRT8's sticker too shocking and argued fervently for the Transformers-yellow Camaro SS, while the Jack Daniels Single Barrel swilling patricians dismissed the gauche, faddish Camaro with its overwrought controls in favor of the refined, mellow, mellifluous Dodge. (Plus it finished higher in more of our individual contests.) So when the buzzer sounded (last call), the scoreboard indicated that more staffers would prefer to own the Challenger, even if it meant downgrading to blended whiskeys and Swisher Sweets to save the extra $10 large. And so, until Chevy or Dodge tweaks a substantial engine, chassis, or body part, the Ford Mustang GT is the reigning V-8 Ponycar champion of the universe. See you next season.

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