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Thanks for having me and glad to be here. If this is in the wrong section, maybe a moderator can move this for me.0:)

So I have a 2011 Fusion 3.0 SEL Flex Fuel and was considering a STEEDA Tune. I mentioned this in an introduction post and got a few responses, but figured there are probably some people who don't read the intros. :crying:

STEEDA claims to make gains of 25-31 HP at the wheels with a short ram intake and a tune. The short ram intake has an inner sleeve that must be kept in unless getting a tune. If getting a tune, the sleeve can/should be removed. I can't imaging the short ram providing meaningful gains by itself. As mentioned in the intro, the stock intake is pretty good. If any gains are had, it probably comes from the tune and not the intake. 30HP is a pretty bold claim so I assume there has to be some gains from a tune.

And I've heard there are not any gains to be had via a cat-back either. If it is restricted before the cat, it will still be restricted after installing a cat-back right? Or with a tune, will a cat-back provide any gains? $800 for 5 HP is not worth it to me.

I've heard the throttle body spacer doesn't really make any HP?
I am curious about putting 3.7L throttle body with a tapered adapter/spacer. I think I've seen that on a Mazda forum with this engine?? Wonder if if works on a Fusion? Wonder if STEEDA can tune for it and wonder if it will make power?

Anyway, the stock engine should make ~240HP at the crank at ~6550 RPM. I assume ~195-200 at the front wheels???

I've seen dyno tests where the 3.5L 263HP Front wheel drive Sports were putting down 226-231 HP at the wheels.
I'd like to get my 3.0 numbers close to the 3.5 numbers. If this "Power Package" will make 225 at the wheels, I'd be very happy.

If anybody has any experience with or any opinions about a 92/93 octane tune, or a tune for E-85, I'd love to hear them. I assume there won't be much to gain going from 93 octane to E-85 but I am just guessing. I'll be the first to admit I have no idea how the ECU works on any car, especially a flex fuel engine. And I really don't know how a tune changes how the ECU works, especially on a car which can take 87 octane and E-85. I think it just changes the fuel map and ignition timing, but that is about as simple as it gets and about all I know. :laugh:

Steeda Ford Fusion Power Package (06-12) 3.0L V6

Steeda's Fusion Power Pack combines Steeda's awesome cold air intake with a custom SCT Xcalibrator 3 tuner with
Steeda exclusive programming for power gains of 25 to 31 horsepower at the wheels!

The package will also improve throttle response and gas mileage under normal driving conditions. This package is easy to install requiring only basic hand tools.

Warning: This part has been designed and is intended for off-road application only. Installation of this part on a vehicle that is driven on public roads may violate U.S. and Canadian laws and regulations.

Product Benefits

Horsepower gains of 25 to 31 horsepower!
Improved gas mileage
Improved throttle response
Save $50 when you buy this kit!
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