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A few months ago I was coming home off of a dirty road and noticed when I was breaking it SEEMED like there was a rock stuck in my brake almost… not sure how to explain it, it just felt odd when I would brake. Had a buddy look at my brakes and fill up brake fluid and he said I wasn’t due for new brakes for a while… which makes since bc I just got them done within the last year with new calipers. Well time went on and it seemed like it was almost getting worse but it would only make that feeling in the brakes every once in a while. Then within the week my ABS & traction control lights came on with Service Advancetrac System on my dash. Here’s the thing though… my car no longer makes the noise when I’m out and about. It’s more of a grinding and crushing noise now, I would have to turn off my car and go down my driveway and then brake to hear the noise… but if I drive two blocks down the road and then stop, you won’t hear the grinding at all. It’s only when I drive within in a block and brake after I’ve turned my car on and off. Any explanation as to what this could possibly be????
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