2010 Fusion AWD Shaking/Banging under acceleration

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Hi, I have a 2010 Fusion that has been periodically banging/shaking when accelerating. It starts around 40ish mph and doesn't quit until I drop below about 15 mph. It will often happen two or three times in a row and then it'll go for a week or more without doing it. Once it quits, everything is good. It runs smooth as glass at 80. The front axles have been replaced, front wheel bearings, one outer tie rod, both inner tie rods, brakes have been inspected, I checked the drive shaft to the rear and the rear axles. Nothing seems to be loose or out of balance. The point of origin seems to be front and center and the shaking/vibration is up and down (not side to side). The first few times it happened, I thought it was bumps in the road. Is this a known issue?

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Check your motor mounts and transmission mount, maybe even the rear diff mounts. Most can be checked by a visual inspection, just look for cracked or missing rubber insulators/bushings. Also use a large pry bar to nudge the engine/trans, there should only be a slight amount of movement.
Large amounts of movement or being able to shake the engine/trans by hand would indicate the mounts are no good and need to be replaced asap.

Report back on findings, I'll let you know if any other possibilities.
So I did check the motor mounts, there was a little movement but I don't think they are bad. What I did find though is that my driveline is wagging when it happens. I was able to verify with a camera attached to the bottom of my car. Feels solid though when I try to wiggle it. I haven't got around to changing it out yet.
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