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Note: I searched the forum for a similar issue.However, I wasn't able to find a solution similar to mine.

Vehicle: 2010 Ford Fusion SEL 2WD 2.5L I4 Automatic

Background: Back in June 2015, I converted myheadlights using a 35W 6000K HID Kit. I haven't had any issues untilthe past few weeks. The passenger side light started to not come oninstantly...I would cycle the headlight switch a few times and it would work.Over time it would start to fail more and more, I figured the bulb was goingout or the ballast was starting to fail. Therefore, I order a new ballast andbulb and decided to wait until it completely failed. Finally, this pastSaturday, the light failed and would only come on for 1 second and shut off.Based on this, I figured the ballast was bad, but decided to change both theballast and light at once.

Last night: Removed the two bolts holding thecoolant reservoir to allow me more access to headlight assembly and proceededto change everything out. Once I completed the changeover, nothing was working.Figured it was a fuse, possibly a short? Check the fuses (Underneath steeringwheel)...they were good. Still nothing... Decided to replace both fuses fordriver and passenger side...still nothing. Decided to put in a H11 Halogenbulb...still nothing. I started getting concerned.

I pulled out my Multimeter and started to checkingbasic connects...Multimeter was dead and it was already 10:30pm at this point,decided to call it a night and get new batteries on the way home.

My question is...any other basis checks that Ishould be doing before I take off the completed front end bumper to gaincomplete access the headlight assembly? Also, does anyone have an electrical schematicthey can share? I would like to trace the wires, in case there is a short. Justa little surprise that the high beam, orange indicator lights, fog lights areworking...I know that doesn't mean that they are on the same circuit, but I amunsure at this point in time.

FYI: Once I get this resolved, I am going toremove the entire HID kit and go back to the original halogen bulbs.Another forum brought up a good point about it being cheaply made and it neededto take 12v AC to 24,000v AC all for under a few bucks...
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