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Hello folks. I'm out of patience and hoping someone could help. I'm attempting to replace my pump and pressure line with no success. The pump was okay but this pressure line is a nightmare. I have both banjo bolts off but the stupid little 7-8 mm bracket bolts are wearing me down. The one on top right by the EGR valve and the green one on the rack. The one by the EGR valve is just spinning in a 8mm and too big for a 7mm. Also, the one on the rack is basically impossible to get. Thinking I need to drop the frame.

Anyone have any tips on this? Also, worst case, anyone see any problems with cutting it off from bracket to bracket and running the new line ziptied to the old one?

I thought Id have this done in 4-8 hrs but this stupid little bolt/nuts have me in a fit.

Thank you,
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