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I'm a Taurus Fan, getting Broadsided at 50mph and Walking away, actually driving away from that accident (after all the paperwork was done of course) The Taurus Brand strikes "Safety" in my mind. Having a little one (18months old) sitting next to the door that was hit and seeing that even with a hard shot in that door there was no intrusion into the passenger compartment, I bought another Taurus to replace it. It may be an 05 SLO, but peace of mind is worth the money. I too thought that the Fusion was the Taurus replacement, but if they want to rebadge the 500 and call it a Bull to try and sell a few more cars, I'm ok with it....When my Fusion lease is up, I'll see if they do the SHO thing with the new Taurus or and SVT-GT-SHO thing with the AWD Fusion. If I don't like my choices, I may go for the Challenger.
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