2008 Chrysler Mini Van

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I love the neon overhead lighting.... I may have to mod that into the fusion!
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Since you are considering another T&C you must not have had the same experience as me. I just got rid of my wife's T&C 2 weeks ago and got her a new Hyundai Entourage. We bought the T&C with 43k miles and 2+ years old. In 3 years I put new tie rod ends, new steering rack, new transmission, the power doors and rear lift stopped working, hole in AC condenser, flooded front floor, weird sounds from the engine, oil leaks everywhere. I spent over $4000 in maintenance and I didn't even bother fixing the power doors ($700) and A/C ($900). Also, the engine is badly underpowered (something like 200 hp). Lastly, the front end wouldn't hold it's alignment and chewed up tires about every 20k miles. My wife's good friend bought a new T&C at the same time we bought our used one, and she's had nothing but trouble as well (except she had a warranty).

I bought the Entourage because it has the room and power of the Honda, but for about $5k less. And I have a factory warranty up to 60k miles and 100k on the powertrain. I would strongly recommend the Hyundai (or sister Kia Sedona) to anyone looking for a minivan.
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I'll keep them crossed. I'm afraid our T&C will keep me from owning another Chrysler product for a long time. We traded with 98k miles. I had the larger 3.8L and it was still underpowered. I have two kids and minivans can't be beat for practicality.
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