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This is the best fleet car ever!  After many years of the Taurus, this is more my style!  The other choices were the Impala and the Charger....the features and sportiness of the Fusion leave those other cars in the dust!  So many standard features!  After driving for two weeks, I would buy one myself!  I feel snug in the bucket seats, and the car handles very well.  Also a lot quieter when talking on the cell.

The first photo looks like the car is black, but it is the dark blue.  The photos are no different than what other's have posted, I will soon post my XM SKIFI 2 installation in the Electronics section.

Many thanks for this site.  It helped me research and add to the excitment of the 2 month wait for the car to arrive from Mexico.  Now that the rain has stopped, I am ready to take it on a few sales calls!

The Aux plug is awesome! 

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