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Alright so this is long winded but I'll try. My 2007 ford fusion has had 2 issues since I bought it this year. First thing was when going to start the vehicle, youd have to press down with all the force you could and pump the clutch to get it to start. I just now was told it could be a switch needing replacement.
Skip forward. It began having issues shifting gears. This progressively got worse. We replaced the slave cylinder first. The issue continued. Youd have to shut it off all the way just to put it in a gear. However it still drove and was mainly fine.
Took it to a shop to have them replace the master cylinder, when he was finished he said my clutch would never work until he took the entire dash apart and fixed the bracket that holds the clutch in.
So after leaving the shop now- my car is undrivable! My clutch pedal is not disengaging it just flops to the floor. When in gear the car literally just drives itself, and at an idle it dies. I feel he has helped the bracket break more than it was an he wants to charge me $500
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