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If it's black, then it's REALLY overdue. Also, it's EASY as hell to do. The transmissions on these cars actually have drain plugs for exactly this reason. I just did it on my 2010 with the 2.5, and it took all of an hour from start to finish, including removing and re-attaching the plastic splash guard.

What I did:

Get a clear or semi-translucent container that holds at least a gallon, preferably 1.5 gallons or more. Mark off in 1-quart increments.
Pick up a gallon (or two) of Valvoline MaxLife 'Multi-vehicle ATF' - It will say it's recommended for 'Mercon LV' among other things
Jack up car, or put on ramps
Remove under-car splash shield
find the transmission drain bolt
put container under where drain bolt is
remove drain bolt, and let drain until it is just dripping occasionally. Your clear catch container should be filled approximately to the 1-gallon mark. Make note of this position
Put drain bolt back in.. tighten to 108 inch-pounds.
Clean up underneath, and examine for any other damage.
re-mount splash shield
re-fill with MaxLife ATF, using the exact same amount as you drained into your clear container
take car off ramps, and leave running to check for leaks.
Drive car around enough to get it warmed up and check fill level hot, and top off as needed.

Done.. and your car should shift better and get better MPG.

This video here is a great one showing how to do it, too:
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