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MP3/MicroSD/USB/Bluetooth player into stock radio---$5CAD from Ebay ( search decoder, sort by price)
This works for the Fusion, use 07 or newer Fusion radio, truck radio mounting tabs are different.
I had a 2008 F250 Radio/6CD with AUX button, I put it in a 2011 F250,

popped the cover
removed the CD player, case is pretty empty
I used a die grinder with a cutting disk to cut the CD slot bigger thru the faceplate ( removed), the circuit board ( removed)( cut below the CD slot, looks like there are circuits above), and the metal case behind the slot. ( a bit painful)
I drilled 2 holes for screws, and mounted the player by screwing thru spare plastic strips (tabs).
Extend the wires, and solder to rear connectors inside of radio case.( as shown)
More info ( but different mounting system) at
I should have taken measurements but.......

Front Inside


Zoom Wires
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