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Fusion in-Dash MP3 microSD Card, USB, AUX, player, 2007 on for $5, 2006 for $35
A model with Bluetooth is now available for an extra dollar.

Shown with microSD card.
1.3MB video link, display works OK, camera problem
The player display works OK, but in my pictures and video ( if here), my camera doesn't show them properly.
For the 2006 Fusion, which had no Aux input, I picked up a 2007 Radio that had audio in (AUX), in the console ( and the 16 pin radio plug pigtail).
I bought a $5 MP3 player, as below.

Cut a hole in the Radio bezel for the player.
All wires are behind the radio.
Wired the player audio ( 3 wires) to the 16 pin plug, right is Blu/Gn, left is Blu, wired the 2 ground wires together (WHT/GN and Yellow/GN) and attach to center wire of 3 wires of player audio (gnd)(Marked on board of mp3 player). (The ground wires are connected together anyway in the console of 07 and newer).
Wired the player power ( 2 wires) to the 24 pin plug. On 24 pin plug, green is switched power, big Blk/Blu is gnd. Player power pin polarity is marked on board.
(For 2006 fusion, I used the 2007 16-pin plug and Cut/spliced the 2 existing computer wires from the old car 16 pin plug to the 2007 plug).
I never used the shielded ground wire, works fine.
Song number is saved, restarts on the last played song.
Player has micro SD card socket, USB socket, and aux mini stereo in, socket.
No song/Artist display, just song #.
After power-off/on volume setting on player is not saved. ( I just use the radio volume)
Radio surround pries off. 7mm screws in radio.
I cut radio surround with a die grinder w/small circular blade, and a utility knife, attached with 2 screws.
Push down on top of 16 and 24-pin wiring plugs to release them. Antenna pulls straight out, rotate slightly if stuck.

I picked up a 2007 Radio from a DIY wrecker for $29 Can, and a MP3 by SD Card or USB player from EBay shirmyshop88 for $5.00 Can (search Decoder MP3 (or shirmyshop88), sort by price, look around $5 C, or $3.50 US)
I have no affiliation to the seller, but after I ordered the players, they arrived. ( I love it when that happens)

I cut up Mini stereo cable to make a detachable plug for audio. (not required)
I used 5.5x2.1 pigtails to make detachable power plug. (not required)

If not using detachable cables, you may want to use wires long enough that you can get behind radio bezel to unplug from mp3 player board.

I bought more of these players and added to an old Ghetto Blaster, my truck, and an old Home Stereo.
This site previously helped me with the radio display cold solder joint fix, Thanks.

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As above, I bought it from EBay shirmyshop88 for $5.00 Can (search Decoder MP3 (or shirmyshop88), sort by price, look around $5 C, or $3.50 US). The newer ones have Bluetooth for an extra buck.

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On another project, I swapped an 06 Fusion MP3 CD player, and faceplate into a 2007 Fusion MP3 CD radio
case that had missing and damaged components. AUX works on this unit now.
The AUX function is built into the case circuit board.
2007 Fusion "16 wire plug" has the input wires. (Input #2).
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