2-Door Fiesta — What a dumb idea

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When someone told me that ford was making a fiesta coupe i didn't believe them until i saw it with my own eyes. This is such a huge f-up by ford. As a result, when the very sexy looking hatchback comes out a year later, the public will already have associated the Fiesta name with that little rinky-dink coupe and the perceived value of this awesome compact will be nil. This could have been that car that helped the United States finally catch up with the rest of the world in making hatchbacks desirable (a trail partially blazed by the WRX STi and A3). Damn-it Ford, you were doing so well...
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Did you do any research at all?? The coupe, hatchback, and the sedan will all be coming out together in 2011. I drove the hatchback and it is absolutely awesome and I was told that everything comes out all together. So whoever told you that the coupe was coming out first is dead wrong. And the fact that they are making a coupe is brilliant, some people prefer a coupe over a hatchback, me being one of them. The more options you give people the more people will buy the car, I think the hatchback looks nasty and I drove it too, and the coupe looks awesome to me, its all a matter of preference. Same reason we have sedan's and stations wagons still, some people like those better than the coupes or hatchbacks.
I owned a 1979 Ford Fiesta coupe, I loved that little shit-box, and it's 35mpg back in the day when that was unheard of. 4 door cars were for Grandma, put me down for an evil lime green coupe!

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