2.3 vs 3.0 ro 3.5

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Ok I am new to this whole fusion thing, I am really thinking about getting one but I got a few question, first what is better in terms of performance upgrades, 2.3 or 3.0, what will or does have more aftermarket support ??? what upgrades are now available and what kind of numbers can I expect from them I am wanting a 5spd for sure, what is there if any difference with the se and the sel ?? what other engines are there going to be available ?? the awd, when will that be coming out and which engine and tranny package will come with it ??? things I am looking to know are there cams, intakes, exhausts and exhaust systems, chips, pullies, turbo set ups ?? Fuel management systems, coilovers/air ride, stage 2/3 clutches, and what not, I am reading all I can, but mostly I am finding review can get much info from there, if you got any other links for sites with info pls let me know

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ok any word on the 6 spd AWD ??? WHEN :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:????
but is it going to be auto or 5spd or dare i say 6spd ???
also the elctronics in the car are the all from mazda ???
aswell i was wondering how are the internals on the 2.3, are the good enough to handle boost, how strong in the bottome end, if you wanted to run 10psi or lower, would the engine and tranny be able to take it ??? :rb: :csweeney: :rb:
is there a 6 speed that bolts up to the 2.3 ???? what is the code of that tranny, do i have to change the ecu or any wireing or is it stright bolt in ????
so there is a FWD 6spd soon to be available for the 2.3 motor ??
tell me that will be an option in the 07 fusion tubo 6 speed you have got to be kidding, i would hate to ahve to "find" a mazda3 witha turbo and 6spd tranny rip it out and drop it in from dealear would be nice
but cant we use all mazada speed stuff ???
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